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8 Reasons to register with Quest For A Bequest + One More

  1. Put your charity name in front of all lawyers in New Zealand for a $99.00 (+ GST) investment so you don’t have to mail a brochure which quickly loses its impact. We do the hard work for you!
  2. Our viewing counter allows you to measure the success of your bequest promotions
  3. You can include important notes about your bequest policy, how and what you would use the money for or whether you offer a bequest membership club
  4. Your listing provides clarity around your purpose, the sector you work in, and your geographic reach which allows you to stand out above other similar named organisations.
  5. You can control your listing so it’s always accurate, even if you change your name or your purpose
  6. This site is backed by a lawyer and a fundraising expert who understand the process of writing a will for a client, and the process of putting a charity name in front of a lawyer
  7. Include a bequest landing page so your supporter or their lawyer can find an online brochure, providing more information about you
  8. You can create a bequest campaign within five minutes and for under $100.00. All registration is done on line and lasts for one year. Register and forget. Then put all your effort into creating awareness of the importance of bequests, amongst your supporters.

One more reason to register with Quest For A Bequest is to double check your correct name and CC number as it appears on the Charities Services Register. We have already prelisted the exact names and CC number of 700 charities who have previously received a bequest in the last four years.  Double check whether your information matches! 

Hints and Tips to maximise your Quest For A Bequest listing

  • Provide a link to your QFAB listing on your own website home page.
  • Create a bequest landing page (on your own website) which includes a printable brochure about bequests. Provide the link on your Quest For A Bequest listing.
  • Use the notes feature to advertise your bequest club and invite bequestors to contact you directly.
  • Network with other listers to share knowledge and experience about bequests.
  • Use the viewing counter to measure the success of your bequest campaigns. Include the figure in your annual performance report or use it for benchmarking.
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