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Estate Lawyers have a complaint to make!

It’s horrendous! It’s terrifying! You are spending a small fortune on acquisition, yet opportunities are slipping through your fingers because you are not answering your telephone.

As a lawyer, when I’m including a charity in my client’s will, I want to find your bequest information as efficiently as possible. Unfortunately I’m discovering three basic problems

  • You don’t answer your phone when I want some information about bequests (and often there is no ability to leave a message)

  • The person who answers your phone does not know anything about bequests

  • When I say I want to talk to someone about bequests – the person on the phone does not take my details so you can call me back

If I can’t get hold of you, I turn to the Charities Services Register where I might find half a dozen similarly named organisations. Pot luck whether I pick the right one.

There is a solution however. I can now find your bequest information with one or two clicks, 24 hours a day, and at the weekends. I don’t need to chase you down, I don’t need to wait days to get hold of you. I don’t need to waste my client’s time (I charge by the hour). I can even show your listing to my client, on my laptop,  to check we're looking at the right charity.

Visit Quest For A Bequest, (, and for a simple $99.00 + GST, you can rest assured that your donor’s wishes are listed correctly in their will.

Reg Newell, Solicitor

An estate lawyer complains

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