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12 recommendations to kick start your bequest programme for only $99 + GST

  1. Brief your staff on the importance of bequests. The average bequest is $42,000 but even a small bequest could help to achieve your mission
  2. Make sure your receptionist/admin person knows the meaning of bequests
  3. Talk to your volunteers about the importance of bequests. Ask them to make a bequest
  4. Create a process for responding to bequest phone calls which includes taking note of the caller’s details, even if you are not available
  5. Use every opportunity to update the caller’s details or enter them on your database. Do not let a bequest call slip away
  6. Do not change your name without considering the implications on existing wills
  7. Do not deregister your charity without considering the implication on existing bequests named in wills
  8. Educate your branches and affiliated organisations about encouraging bequests
  9. Create a policy around the use and application of untagged bequests, including those made to your affiliated organisations or branches. Define how bequest income can be used within your circle. Is bequest money used for day to day operations or invested in an endowment fund?
  10. Visit your potential bequestors to share the story of their life, their interest in your mission, and what they would like to leave behind in terms of their legacy
  11. Promote bequests to your members through your website. Create a bequest landing page
  12. Promote your name to lawyers through Quest For A Bequest (the best $99 + GST investment you could make today!)
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