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Why is Quest For A Bequest needed?

Find A Charity

Each year in New Zealand millions of dollars are bequeathed to charities from their supporters. Unfortunately, it's sometimes the case that errors are made, the right organisation is not correctly named, money is left for purposes that are not delivered,  bequests go awry because the charity has gone out of existence or has changed its name. And sometimes people are confused about who actually delivers the service they want to support. Having a simple one stop shop that enables lawyers to identify the correct name, the CC number and bequest wording goes some way to ensuring the right charity is named in the will. Find the right charity  by clicking above!

List a Charity

For a charity, being able to list your correct name, your CC number and the wording for your bequest ensures that when a lawyer is looking for you, you can be found. No need to send information brochures to every law firm, no problem if you change your name (your CC number will guarantee correct identification in the future), no guess work about what wording might be used. And, no problem if you don't answer your telephone. For $99 (+GST) a year, your organisation's bequest details can be found in one listing, no extraneous information, no complication, just the facts! Go straight to our listing registration page and register your charity for a bequest.

Right now, there is nothing that offers the same service in New Zealand!

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